Op my Stoep

OP MY STOEP is in the oasis town situated in the Namib Desert – the oldest desert in the world – in the extreme southwest of Namibia, is also bordered by the Orange River and Atlantic Ocean, at the mouth of the river, thus its German name Oranjemund, meaning “Mouth of the Oranje”.  Oranjemund was established in 1936, following Hans Merensky's discovery of significant alluvial diamond deposits on the north bank of the Orange River and the adjacent northern coastline.  Oranjemund has a mild desert climate with pleasant temperatures throughout the year, therefore making it an attraction location for year-round visits.

The original building was built in 1971, but was used as the Horse Riding Club, where all horse enthusiasts would come together to share their passion and love for the elegant four-legged animal.  In 2006 the OP MY STOEP lodge was built on the old gymkhana and show jumping grounds, with the restaurant and bar having been started earlier.

*Stoep has grown since then


The owner and creative mind behind OP MY STOEP – Fanie Smit – was born as Esteban Alberto Smit in Argentina, migrated to South Africa with his mother at the young age of 17. 

He then moved to Windhoek, South West Africa to complete his Trade Qualifications for Auto Electrical. 

Fanie found his way to Oranjemund, where he worked for CDM and then started an Auto Electrical Business, but found his passion to be in catering and hospitality, cooking since 1988, starting with catering at the Off-Road Club (Log Cabin) and then he bought the Desert Inn restaurant and transformed it to become Don Esteban.

​After Fanie sold Don Esteban, he envisioned a restaurant with lodgings offering a luxurious yet family orientated experience, thus the birth of OP MY STOEP.

Amenities & Services

Free Wi-Fi access 

 Bar & Restaurant

Laundry Services

meet the team
Fanie Smit - owner

​Self-taught Chef and Entrepreneur.  He will tantalize your taste buds with every bite of food and surprise you with the hand-made furniture unique to each room.

ria Smit - 2ic

​Fanie's right-hand when it comes to catering functions as well as the administration of the Lodge.  She makes the best deserts and homemade breads.

mancha - security

​She runs with the Jackals and Oryx, while stopping in at the restaurant to rest, have a drink of water or, though a picky eater, to see if you would give her a treat (pls don't).

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