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Hohenfels Ruins 

Ruins of the former German colonial police post at Hohenfels, Namibia.
Can only be reached with an escort, ask when booking and Fanie will arrange a trip for you and your family/friends.


Beautiful Beach 

Sunsets on the beach, after a sunny day, cannot be beaten.
You may drive on the beach, but it is not recommended for inexperienced drivers and a 4x4 is needed.


Dune Rides 

Breakfast, sand, 4x4's, can't get any better than with Fanie.
He will take you and your friends/family into the dunes and cook you an amazing, to die for, to always come back for, breakfast.


Golf Course 

​Seeing wildlife such as Ostriches, Oryx and even horses is considered normal.
If you have brought your golf clubs and love fresh air with exercise, then the Golf Course is a must.  Situated along the river and close to the beach, it is a perfect choice.


...and more! 

These are only of a few destinations that you may consider visiting in Oranjemund, Namibia.  There is a museum, gun club, yacht club, fishing, and so much more.  Mention what you enjoy and you will definitely be given options to choose from.